Meet the Team – Colina Fruits

Damian Weedon​, Director

  • 14 years experience in the fresh produce industry including import & export.​
  • 10 years experience managing Retail, Wholesale & Food Service accounts.​
  • Focused on grower/customer relationships, driven to achieve the best results.​
  • Fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish & Dutch.​
  • Founded WT Hill Imports in 2016 with revenue of £10m.​

William Hill​, Director

  • 5th generation in a fresh produce business founded 130 years ago.​
  • 20 years experience working with fruit and vegetables within every step of the supply chain.​
  • Founded WT Hill Imports in 2016 with revenue of £10m.​
  • Member of Fresh Produce Consortium.​
  • Board of Directors at FruPro.​

Carlos Arceiz​​, Spanish Co-General Manager

  • 10 years experience in the fresh produce industry with a focus on Spanish imports for UK Retail & Wholesale Markets.​
  • 10 years experience across all areas of the logistics chain from grower to end customer. ​
  • Wide range of procurement channels depending on product & season.​
  • Fluent in Spanish & English.​
  • Joined  the team, in 2019.​

Gonzalo Angles​​​, Spanish Co-General Manager

  • 14 years experience in the fresh product industry, specifically focused on the export of berries production as part of one of the largest European producer companies.​
  • Native Spanish and fluent in English.​
  • Experienced in procurement for retail programs.​
  • Joined  the team in 2022.​

Carmen Ferguson​, Import and Accounts Assistant

  • 15 years experience in the fresh produce industry.​
  • A self-motivated individual who has varied experience in Business Management.​
  • National and International Customer Service.​
  • Native in Spanish and fluent in English.​
  • Joined  the team in 2024.​

Sean Hannon​, UK Sales and Procurement Manager

  • 13 years experience in the fresh produce industry within retail, wholesale and import sectors.​
  • Experienced in UK procurement and supply chain.​
  • Strong understanding of retail store operations.​
  • Focused on providing great customer/grower relationships.​
  • Joined  the team in 2024.​